This community is focused on teaching fullstack best practices, creating awesome websites and meeting developers. Our dev shop keeps its doors open to clients who need web development services, individuals who need a place to work, events for developers, and a place to play games with friends. We have a bootcamp that teaches students Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, intro to Angular, and more. Because of our focus in education, we have created a space that accepts all levels of developers to our events. Let’s see how we can help you grow.

Doylestown Coding

This meetup group was created to bring together web developers from the Bucks County area. We have hosted in-person events where experienced developers offer guidance to developers just starting their journey into the world of software and web development. To learn more about our weekly events, join our meetup group and start coding!

Bucks County Women in Tech

Bucks County Women in Tech group exists to support women working in tech by providing venues to network, mentor and learn from others living or working in the Bucks County area. Our vision is to create a network of empowered women who feel supported in their pursuit of successful careers in technology. We strive to provide events that facilitate learning about technology as well as from each others' experiences.

Bogota Web Development Meetup

We are going to do events where we teach you different aspects of fullstack web development. We are focusing our courses on JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and HTML. Our workshops are conducted in English and Spanish. Our events are about learning new things about web development and solving programming problems that you might see in a web development interview. There is also a lot of networking and socializing.


All of our events are also posted on Eventbrite. We’d love to have you join our community of developers!

Contributions to the community

Our founder, Granger Abuhoff, has put in hundreds of hours of practice and study assignments for individuals just starting to learn web development. The exercises you will find in this REPL include practice interview problems, real-world issues that we, as a company have had to solve and some fun problems that we made up along the way. Feel free to use this REPL as a way to practice your Javascript weekly!

Follow us on Github

Follow our github for any upcoming open source projects that we may be working on!

1MillionCups Presentations

We have presented at the 1million cups foundation and really enjoy the feedback and energy we get from the community. It has been so great getting to be part of community that is so open and willing to support other start-ups.